Vertical scroll as needed using window height

I’m sure this can be done. I have a dynamic panel which is set to the window height onload. The problem I am having is that within the dynamic panel I have another level of dynamic panels which alters the amount of content shown meaning I would like the vertical scroll to kick in should the content be bigger than the window height. If i remove the window height onload it works fine but then I have a set height which i would prefer not to do. Is there a work around?


Could you post your prototype (.rp) so one can investigate directly the issue in your file?

I tried to replicate your issue and it seems to work:
VerticalScroll.rp (54.5 KB)

Maybe it depends on some other thing in your prototype, or I didn’t understood well your problem…


I get the same issue with your example. I can’t scroll to the bottom of the content. I can’t share my .rp but will replicate my issue quickly.

Here you go.

windowheightscroll.rp (57.4 KB)

Ok so maybe I didn’t understand your issue:

because I can see the bottom of the content on my browser (chrome):

That’s interesting. I wonder if its an os issue then? The panel doesn’t scroll at all for me.

Thanks @PierreJ I just tried on Firefox and safari and it worked. This must be a bug on Mac chrome. If anyone knows how to fix it on chrome please let me know.