Very simple resize question

I have 2 labels next to each other: a title and a product number. They are in a repeater. When the title label is set (text length can vary), the product number label needs to move so the title does not overlap it.

This seems very simple and common scenario, but I must overlook how to do it: Missing auto-layout? Table? A move action on resize of the title label? (seems not to work).

A very simplified example attached. How do you such a simple layout with 2 labels on the same row, fixing the space between them?

Simple resize.rp (51.5 KB)

Please do not use the Resize event and use the Item.loaded event for repeaters. This is because the text doesn’t actually change Item loaded.rp (2.2 MB)
size. It’s just that the text size is different when the repeater loads each row of data.

I am, feel free to discuss axure usage and tutorials with me!


Many thanks axureboutique!
Wouldn’t have guessed that Move “All widgets to the right” with distance “Width change of this” would not work (and not available on the loaded event). Those convenience features look like they were made for this. I don’t think I would have thought about having to even use (local) vars for this. Wow…

Thanks again, I’ve applied your solution to my real prototype and it works perfectly! :+1:

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