Video background

With a DP, I can set an image as the background so that it resizes with the width of the browser. Can anyone think of a way of doing the same with a video? I have a section of the site that needs to have a video at 100% width and this feels like a good way of doing it.

Hi ajacobsuk!

Hmm, if you wanted to display a video in the background, you would want to use an inline frame, as mentioned in this inline frame video tutorial. However, you could add Page Loaded and Window Resized events to the page to make it so that the inline frame fits to the size of your window width. You can resize the height of the inline frame as well, if necessary.

resizing-inline-frame.rp (44.0 KB)

Please feel free to check out the sample above for the events involved. You can use a video link as mentioned in the tutorial to see the widget’s behavior with a video.

I hope this helps!

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