Video player minimize while playing when navigating to other links in a page ( Youtube miniplayer) in axure


Can any one please help with the miniplayer picture in picture implementaion for a video player when navigating to other links in a page.

Like Youtube miniplayer functionlaity.

I can envision several ways you could set this up. If you have a working video player as an inline frame widget, or a dynamic panel widget, you can resize this widget to minimize/maximize the video, which should work without affecting the video content, playing state, timeline, etc. If it is a dynamic panel you can pin it to a specific location, like the top or bottom of the browser window to get a “picture in picture” effect.

Does this mean scrolling to a widget on the same page, or linking to a different page? As soon as you open a link to a different page you will lose your video, so everything should be on the same Axure page (e.g., “Page 1”) Otherwise, even if you have the same setup on another page (e.g., a minimized version of the video) it will reload–by default starting over from the beginning. …Unless you just have a placeholder for the video and not actual video content.

You can “fake” different pages by including the content for each “page” as a state in a dynamic panel, where “linking to a page” would be done by changing the dynamic panel state. This keeps everything on the same “Axure page” so your video can play uninterrupted. The page transitions should be quick and smooth, but if you have a lot of content on the pages and/or a lot of pages, the initial page load may likely take longer.

Or, you can use an Inline Frame widget to load your other pages, using the Open Link in Frame action instead of Open Link. This keeps the “parent page” with your video player active, and the other pages as “a child page”. This allows for many many pages, better sitemap, and likely more realistic “page load” behavior.