View generated project on Chrome without Axure Chrome Extension

Hi all,
I would have through this is a common query, but I can’t find anything searching the forum…

I am working on a project which is extremely secure. For that reason:

  • I can’t host prototypes on Axure Cloud
  • Users can’t install the Axure plugin in Chrome
  • A local Axure Cloud for Business is not an option due to long approval times and likelihood of not being approved.

While I can still provide the generated HTML prototypes for users to open the individual page HTML files, it would be great to give them the left-hand menu, access to notes etc in the Axure player.

Is it possible to disable the requirement for the Chrome extension AND still deliver some of the benefits of the Axure player for users?


I think the best solution would be to load the HTML on a secure server within your/client’s company/organization. The Axure plugin for Chrome is only required for local files (ironically for security reasons.)

You can also send this question to as they may have some kind of solution for your particular scenario and constraints.

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