Viewport initial scale not outputting properly

I am unable to export HTML files with an intial width of anything other than 1.0.

I’ve set initial-width to .5 in my generate settings, but the resulting HTML pages specify a value of 1.0 (screen shots attached). Any suggestions on how to fix this? It’s really a problem.

(In fact, I can’t even get it to remove the viewport tag from the files now when I uncheck the box.)

Hi mamamusings!

The Initial Scale setting should be working as expected. Since it looks like you’re testing the prototype by viewing it with the browser’s device toolbar, please first ensure that the HTML Sidebar is completely closed, i.e. by clicking on the CLOSE button on the bottom-left corner of your screen:

Once that’s done, the Initial Scale should take effect.

You can also test your prototype by publishing it to Axure Share and then viewing the prototype through the Axure Share mobile app, or by browsing to the output Axure Share project URL directly in the mobile browser of your choice.