Voice control in Axure

I’m looking at prototyping a demo in Axure that is driven by voice commands. Basically I want to use voice to control keyboard navigation for an accessibility demo… so it would be triggering keywords like tab, shift+tab, spacebar, enter, left-right-up-down cursor key, delete, backspace…

I’m on a Mac and so far have tried the voice commands to dictate text… which is not too bad (if you like talking to a machine)… but couldn’t get it to assign keyboard commands to actions (yet).
Maybe it’s not an Axure thing and another tool would handle it… but thought I’d start here first to see if anyone has had any luck with this…

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Hi! If you’re looking to incorporate voice commands into an Axure RP prototype, then it looks like using javascript can help to get you where you need to be. The post linked below has a cool example of getting a prototype to use your microphone and listen for specific voice commands, which then trigger interactions in the prototype:

The Axure staff aren’t able to advise on how to leverage javascript, but other code-savvy users her on the forum can help advise! :slight_smile:

Thanks… after thinking about this… I need to rethink what the best user experience is for voice driven apps.

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