Want to change the mouse pointer/cursor

Hi All,

Am a new user of Axure. Can anyone help with change in mouse pointer as a hand.

On text hyperlink it is changing. But on button shape / or any other object am not able to change the mouse pointer…

add an empty onClick-case to the widget (doubleclick onClick and close the popup).


Thank You Gregor!! it works… :slight_smile:

I have actions I need to execute onClick so added the empty Case to onMouseEnter and the actions to onClick. I had been using the ‘Open Window’ to a blank ‘#’ as other threads mentioned. However, this will re-position the page to the top of browser chrome if you have a lengthy scrolling canvas in Axure.

Hey can u please assist me in this. I am still clueless how to do it


See this example:

CursorToHand.rp (327.0 KB)

The first two columns have some basic widgets with and without OnClick actions to show what happens to the mouse cursor. Any time you have an OnClick action (even if that action does nothing at all) the mouse cursor will change to the “link” style. In most OS’s this will be a hand by default. (Of course, this can be changed with custom icon sets in the OS, potentially changed in the browser and/or a browser plugin, and even changed by CSS in the HTML, so it is not guaranteed to visually change, nor change to a “hand” cursor.)

Here is how the “empty OnClick” is done, showing what happened when I selected the button and double-clicked on the OnClick in the Properties > Interactions pane (then clicked OK to close the Case Editor dialog):

This is what Gregor means by:

Now, adding an empty click to an object can be pretty misleading and confusing for users because it makes it look like clicking on the item will do something or go somewhere and it does not. But perhaps you want to do something like showing an item is disabled only when you hover over it or something like that.

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This seems to work for buttons but not on checkboxes. Any other ideas?

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If you place a hot spot widget over the checkbox and give it the below interaction then that should give you the hand cursor while still allowing the checkbox to be toggled:

 OnClick: Toggle is selected of checkbox 


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