Web Font works on desktop preview but not in Mobile Preview (with app)

I used this feature Web Fonts and Font Mapping · Axure Docs to use the font Veneer. The app i am designing is specifically a mockup for the google pixel 2. i have the axure share app downloaded on my device, and when i view, both Veneer and the axure local font Rockwell are defaulted to another sans-serif.

This is what my web preview is like on the mac.

This is on the phone.

What am i doing wrong? this is the line for my web font:
font-family: ‘Veneer’;
font-style: normal;
src: local(‘Veneer’) url(https://anndesign.me/Veneer/Veneer.ttf) format(‘ttf’);

FYI. Refer to this thread for same issue and solution:

for this particular issue, i figured it out.
it was because my generated html code was missing a semicolon. it is working fine now!