Weight cutting app, global variables are hidden when page loads, need help

I am creating a calorie counting application. A user starts off at 2,500 which is what they can intake for a day. When a user adds an exercise that burns calories this figure increases (+) and they can eat more. If a user eats calories they are taken from this figure (-). In my application the calories are shown on 3 different masters you can have eaten which has a value of 0. You can still eat which has a value of 2500. You have burned which has a value of 0. When I click to add exercise calories the you have burned figure master value increases like below.

when I leave the page I want the value to appear on the other page and when I come back to the page I want the value still to be there, but for both it comes up blank or the value of the current variable is hidden like below.

Could some help me in getting the value of my variables to show when I am navigating around my app. In plain English I want my variable to show when the page loads, I don’t want it hidden, I don’t know of any on page load function. I want when the page loads to display the value of each variable in the text box.

If the text is based on variables, and you want the text to be set when the page loads, use the OnPageLoad event with a Set Text action to populate the variable value.

Set text on SomeWidget to: [[SomeVariable]]

You can see the page-level events (such as OnPageLoad) in the Interactions pane when no widgets are selected.

Thanks very much I got it! Thanks for the help!