Welcome screen - fonts broken


the text/font of my “open file”-list on the welcome screen is … let’s say … broken.
A colleague of mine has the same problem, while another colleague does not have it.


I am using Version

Reinstalled Axure two times already ¯(º_o)/¯

Any Ideas?


Hi Ole,

How odd! Is this issue new or has it always been the case on your machine? Are you using Axure RP on a Mac or Windows machine, and does the issue persist after rebooting your machine? If it does, then did you (or your IT team) by any chance recently uninstall or modify any system fonts? While I haven’t seen reports of this specific issue before, in the past other cases we’ve seen of fonts looking garbled in the UI or on the canvas have been due to a needed font being uninstalled. This would be the first area I’d check, if you haven’t done so already!


we are using Windows 10.
My system was setup about one year ago. The Axure RP installation, like the whole system, was updated several times in the meantime. Unfortunatly i can’t remember when this problem first occured :frowning:
My colleagues system is only two month old. He had this problem from day one.

This issue is very persistent. No reboot and no reinstall of Axure RP can harm it ^^

We haven’t modified our fonts … and i am not aware, that our it would do domething like this … they just don’t care about fonts. :slight_smile:

Axure RP is the only program i am aware of this problem and only on the start-screen. Other UI elements , the canvas, widgets, or prototypes are working.
Which font is used for the list? I could try to reinstall or change it. ¯(º_o)/¯


Hi Ole,

Thanks for the info! Hmm, it sounds like for you and one of your colleagues the welcome screen issue has been going on for quite a while. I’ve checked on our end and it looks like we’re using Arial for the text in the UI for Axure RP 8; while it wouldn’t hurt to verify that Arial is error-free on your machines, I would expect the font to mis-render in other areas of the UI as well if the issue was specific to the font.

While we’ve seen a couple of filename issues on the welcome screen in the past, I don’t believe we’ve seen this one in particular. For the other cases, the garbled text seemed to stem from using non-latin characters and special characters in filenames. To confirm, what language is your system currently using, and do any of your filenames have special characters? If you’re able to send a screenshot of “File > Open Recent”, that should help to verify the filenames.

Also to confirm, do all filenames always display this way, or does it happen with certain ones? For example, if you create a new file called “Test”, does that file display its name properly? If specific files are having issues and do not have special or non-latin characters in the names, then were those perhaps made in an earlier version of Axure RP and then opened in version 8?


I think i found the root cause of the error.
Our default “Documents”-folder is not local, but instead bound to the user-profile and stored somewhere on a server in the local network.
If i save a file locally everything works fine, but if i store it in my user-folder it is broken … but only in Axure RP (also in the “Open Recent”-Menu)

(same file with same filename local- and pofile-saved)

Behavior is independent from any special characters (btw, Systemlanguage is “German”).

Files from other programs e.g. Photoshop (and all other Adobe CC-stuff), MS- & Open-Office and all other software i have installed do not have this problem.
Also reinstalling Arial didn’t change anything.


Excellent! Thank you for following up with that information to let us know more about your setup, as well as that you’re not seeing the issue when files are saved locally as opposed to on the network location. This looks to be enough to go on to test internally, so I’ll go ahead and file a bug report for this issue with the information about the setup in which the font rendering issue occurs so that QA can take a closer look at why Axure RP’s lists of recent files render this way with non-local files.

We’ll follow up here if we have any updates on the issue, but in the meantime you can also keep an eye on the updates thread for Axure RP 8 for info on what fixes are included when new builds are released.

Thank you for helping to track this one down!

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