What's the function of "open link in parent window"?

Hi folks,

I was wondering what’s the use for “open link in parent window”? Under what scenarion could it possibly be used? I tried it but nothing happens…

Anyone has a clue? Thanks.:grin:

Parent window is for if you have a window within a window. The window within the window is the “child window”, and the current window is the “parent window”.

If there is no child window, the current window is both the parent and the child window.

In HTML, an iframe is an example of a “child window” and the current window is the “parent window”.

I doubt Axure uses iframes though, as this would be difficult to build into the code structure, and iframe has a lot of drawbacks. So you likely won’t find iframes in the generated prototypes HTML source.

If you ever need to use this feature, chances are you’ve overcomplicated your prototype / wireframe.

Hi Josh,

Thanks for your reply. I still cannot image when will this function be used. If using an iframe (inline frame?), which simply adds a link to an existed page, when and how to use “open link in parent window”?

Example: you have a form on one page that you want to embed on another page and get the result(s).

This is a simple example, and would be better handled with masters in Axure.

As I mentioned, if you find yourself needing this feature, chances are there is a more effective or efficient way. This feature (like iframes), solve a problem easily, but come at a performance cost.

Iframes can embed the entire page not just add a link to the page. Think of it like how you embed a YouTube video on a website, well iframe can embed YouTube.com on your webpage (a site within a site).


I just tried this out using Axure’s iframe object, clicking a button inside of the iframe (i.e., on the page that the iframe targets) with the intention of opening a new page in the main window using “open link in parent window,” and it did nothing. (I, too, expected this to work.)

It does work from a popup window, though. Example:

  • On page A in your main window, press a button that opens Page B in a popup window.
  • In Page B, press a button that opens Page C in the “parent window.”

This will navigate the main window from page A to page C, while leaving the popup open.

I can imagine scenarios where this is useful, but I’ve never needed it.