What's the status of Axure 8 vs 9?

Sorry for boring question, but it seems that Axure 8 is overlapping a lot longer with the existence of 9 than 7 did with 8 (and previous versions).

Is there some projected end-of-life for Axure 8 that we should be aware of? I can’t initially see anything on the site.

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Hi JonB!

I imagine it will be some time, when such basic bugs are still being fixed. For example, from beta build (6 days ago):

“Fixed Selected events on checkboxes firing twice in the HTML”.

But yes, it will be good to know when support for 8 ends. (E.g., you can still specify 8 vs. 9 when creating a forum post.)

Oh OK. I’ve just joined an organisation that has a corporate licence for 8 so I’m going to be using that for the foreseeable future perhaps. No problem with 8 at all really, just curious is all.

Hi JonB! We support the two most recent versions of Axure RP (which is currently RP 8 & RP 9), so Axure RP 8 will remain supported until the next new version of Axure RP is released. I don’t have any information regarding when that will happen, but feel free to review our release history page for more context. Hopefully that helps!

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