When are you going to Release Axure 9 to public?


We are eager to move to the newer version 9.


Yes, I am eager, too.
Aren’t there any new plans regarding the release date? I think it was late spring '18 when the beta was released…
I will not use a beta for productive work but would love to have the new version.
PLEAAASSSSEEEEE release the beast:-)


I’ll add a +1 for the full release of Axure 9. I’ve been playing with both and comparing and there are quite a few things I need to use that only 9 has. I work for a huge company and their policy is not to use beta software. Our UX team is eagerly waiting… Thanks for all your hard work!


Hi all,
a) Why has this discussion been closed abruptly? Sure it’s annoying to always having to tell “no release date yet”; please see it as a still great interest in an enhanced version of this complex and powerful and great tool.
b) The beta of Axure 9 had been released around a year ago. I understand that there are things to fix and user input to be brought in. But really for a year now…?
I will NOT use a beta for productive work, and there are really many issues w/ Axure 8 which hopefully will be remedied w/ Axure 9. So please push the button (not the “close” button but the “release” button:-)

Please at least provide a sort of forecast - will it be in some weeks or this summer (when does summer end?) or …?

Please: please me.


Hadn’t realized that thread was closed. Not cool Axure. I wont repeat what @ThomGermany said above, but your communication on this issue has been lacking. Give us an idea of whats going on from a timing perspective.


Hi all,

Thanks for posting! We’re excited that you’re excited about the upcoming full release of Axure RP 9. We’ve been hard at work on building out features, fixing bugs, and getting the beta ready for release since its initial launch in August. We’re still working on getting all features built and implemented, and will be releasing another newsletter with more updates soon. As far as when 9 will be out of beta, we’re expecting full release in the next couple of months or so but do not have a specific date to announce yet. We’re getting closer, and all of the feedback and reports we’ve received have helped greatly to polish it up.

If you’re subscribed to the newsletter then keep an eye on your inboxes for announcements, but otherwise you can get news on what is being added and fixed in the beta here.

Thank you again for your enthusiasm and feedback. Per our new forum policy we’re no longer taking feedback on the forums, so this thread will be closed out. If you have technical or how-to questions about Axure RP or have bugs to report, then please feel free to continue posting those as usual following the forum guidelines. If you have feedback and features requests then we’ll happily take those directly via email to support@axure.com to ensure that each item gets seen and gets filed appropriately. Thanks!

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