When Axure will become fast

Hi guys. I’ve using Axure RP for 5 years. As a UX/UI designer i’m also using such tools as Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD. They are so fast, i love them but Axure still really slow. I have 4 CORES CPU 4Ghz and 16GB ram, GTX 980 and i’m waiting 9-13 seconds before Dynamic Panel edit tab will open. Why? And also there is nothing was changed in Axure 8 comparing to Axure 7.

Please, make Axure 10 times faster. Thanks.

#slowasasnail #iwanttokillmyself #godwhyitloadingsolong

Yikes. How big is your file? I’ve never in my 6 years of using Axure ever had any issues wth speed.

Mine gets brutally slow when any page has a lot of embedded snapshots of pages with repeaters.

A full site map of maybe 50 screens is almost completely unusable.

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When 8 came out, it was an absolute dog on the Mac. Unusably slow. I’ve not had a severe problem for several releases now, though.

For my previous job I had a 60 page sitemap with significantly large pages. (For me the repeater is a hammer and everything is a nail.) My largest page - with probably 10 repeaters - would open in 2 seconds, which I consider to be extremely slow considering the preposterous specs of my Mac, but that’s a 5x improvement compared to the 8 launch release.

That said, everything is going to seem slow compared to Adobe XD. That thing spins like a top. Of course, it doesn’t do much, which is why you are probably using Axure. Sophie’s choices… I’ve been transitioning to Framer, which certainly takes the rapid out of rapid prototyping. But I need decent animation speed on mobile, so.

I never used snapshot widgets. Maybe make a copy of the file and take those out (even though you need them) if only to isolate where the problem lies.

Hi kotofey_web,

That doesn’t sound good! Would it be possible if you could post the RP file here for me to test? If the file contains propriety information, you can email that to support@axure.com and someone from our support team will be able to help out through that channel. Please also let us know the version of Axure RP you’re running (e.g., as well as the name of the dynamic panel states that are taking so long to open. Thank you!