When will table border visibility styling be available?



When prototyping, it would be extremely useful to have the ability to control table/cell border style visibility as we can do with other elements. I’ve searched through the forums and this topic has been addressed multiple times before as “perhaps available in RP 9” and a workaround given as “use repeaters”.

This seems like bad advice - in the Axure docs information about repeaters, it states: "Repeaters can take a lot of work to set up, though, so if your prototype doesn’t require true dynamic sorting and filtering, you’ll want to use regular widgets instead, such as the table widget.

Is the ability to control table/cell styling on the table widget on the product roadmap, and if so is there a target date for that to be delivered?


Im confused. Do you mean styling the table widget?

Like this? https://xohk0d.axshare.com/#id=byf9gb&p=page_1


This styling you link to is not fine enough detail for my styling issue with Axure tables. Modern web apps and sites (for the most part) do not look like this, and many times remove the vertical column separator lines. This hasn’t been possible to do with the default widget, and leads me to use the repeater.

Other designers I work with complain that the repeater is too complicated, and I tend to agree that for what we normally need in a medium to high fidelity mockup they aren’t necessary.

Being able to control the appearance of the top, right, middle and left borders of tables would solve this issue, but seems not to be addressed - see this thread from a few years back:


I need this so badly. For years now I’ve been making my tables in Axure with no borders and then manually putting horizontal lines between each row so I can avoid having vertical borders. You can imagine what a maintenance nightmare this is as I change the text and data in the table. Please, please, please - add border visibility options.


Another upvote for something that should have been done years ago. For years we’ve been jumping through ridiculous hoops trying to get simple tables to look like they’re not from the '90s.