Where did the global variable [[NextPage]] go?

I want to create more accessible buttons that are linking to Previous/Next page in the tree.
This to show the story of the different phases of design.

In Axure rp 8, there was a global variabele called [[NextPage]] besides [[PreviousPage]].

In RP 9, if you click on Link To: you see “Back to previous page” as option,
but nothing like “Go to next page”…

Any suggestion how I can create a link to “the next page of the tree” without change this like a 30 times…?

Hi Sandra!

Hmm, I just checked in Axure RP 8, it looks like these are the configuration actions available for the Open Link action:

It looks like these options match the ones given in Axure RP 9 too. If you wanted to create a link to the next page in your design, then you would need to target the page names directly

I hope this helps some!

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