Why couldn't I open local generated index.html in Chrom or Firefox

I could not open local generated index.html in Chrom or Firefox.
It used to be working well. But recently I can only open index.html file in IE broswer.
Help Me~~~

Same here!!!

Firefox Version 69.0
–> Preview with “F5” --> Works!
–> Share --> Local --> “index. or start. or start_c. or start_with_pages.html” --> Don’t work!!!

Only starting the HTML with the “Page”-Names.HTML works. Also when I start Firefox with ADD-Ons Deactivated, it do not work.

Please HELP!

(Seems to work on Edge or Explorer)

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Hi! If you’re generating local HTML and need to view it in Chrome, then you’ll want to ensure that you have the Axure RP Chrome extension installed to do so.

As far as Firefox, as of version 68 of Firefox the browser has been updated in such a way that the local HTML files no longer work as expected; we’re seeing that only launching the pagename.html files seems to work, but the other HTML files don’t render the prototype and users have also reported broken interactions. For users who must use Firefox for viewing their prototypes but are currently using local generated HTML due to company restrictions that prevent using the public Axure Cloud, we’d recommend either looking into Axure Cloud for Business (which lets you have a private hosted or on-premises server) or using a different browser for viewing local generated HTML. Thank you!

Ok thanks for reply. :slight_smile:

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