Why do certain UI components look blurry? they are not JPG files

I go to preview my prototype and certain elements appear blurry/pixelated. They are all native Axure elements, not imported JPEGs or anything like that. Why is this happening? Any ideas how to fix it?

Hi gianfranco1990,

Could you please send along the .rp file where you encountered this issue?

Could you also please let me know if the elements appear as blurry in multiple web browsers, or in only one web browser when previewed? Do these elements also look blurry in the Axure RP tool, or only when they’re previewed in a web browser?

Hi @gianfranco1990,

I guess you used the browser zoom in your screenshot?
Then it’s probably a browser issue. See the two screenshots attached where it renders real HTML code in Safari (blurry) vs. Chrome (not blurry).