Why do 'Components / Dynamic Panels / Repeater still have this colored overlay?



Hello community,

am I the only one who is bothered by components etc. still having a colored overlay (red, blue, whatever) in RP10? Is there no better way? I know Axure is primarily for fast (lofi-) prototyping but wouldn’t it be possible in 2022 to increase UI-design capabilities and make a bit more WYSIWYG possible on the canvas? In my eyes it is a big disadvantage compared to Figma.



Interesting. You like to choose the color of the overlay (indicating the function of the element) by yourself? Or what do you propose as a betterment?


You can turn off the colouring by setting a Mask for the type of element on the page via the View > Masks > menu


OMG Thank you! This changed my live! Didn’t know it was this simple :smiley:


Yes or just no color at all. Only colored outlines or maybe a small icon like this lightning bolt at the interactions.