Why not to click the point return to (0, 0) rather than ctrl+9?

Why not to click the point return to (0, 0) rather than ctrl+9 ?

Hi dacio!

You can user the shortcut (CTRL + 9) or you can click on the shown icon to return the canvas to its (0,0) position.
Hopefully this helps!

what’s means the shown icon ? where is it ? this one:image can’t be click in my version.
could you show me with screenshot:sweat_smile:

Try restarting Axure. It should work.
My version: Axure 9 Beta


It doesn’t work, I don’t know why…

is there any settings must do ?

Hi dacio!

Hmm, to investigate this further, could you please let me know what operating system and Axure RP 9 beta version you are using? You can check your Axure RP 9 beta version by navigating to “Help > About Axure RP”.

OS: windows 10
Axure RP 9 beta version:


If you find the reason, please reply me, thanks a lot.

Axure still has this problem…when will be fixed…

Hi dacio,

My apologies on the delay getting back to you on this! I wanted to let you know that I’ve been able to reproduce this issue intermittently, and I’ve filed a report with our respective teams regarding this behavior. While this issue is still being investigated, I’ll be sure to update this topic when the issue is resolved in the future!

ok, thank you for reply, hope soon.

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