Widget doesn't snap to guides when transform him

Widgets are not attached to guides or other widgets when transform with the mouse. Is it somehow included in the settings, or is it just not working in beta yet?

Video proof

Hi iDreDushka!

Hmm, I haven’t been able to reproduce these issues just yet, and it looks like the video link is not currently working. To begin troubleshooting this issue, could you please check that you are running the latest build of Axure RP 9 by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates” in the Axure RP 9 application? If the issue persists after any needed updates have been completed, please try posting the video again so that I can review the behavior that you are experiencing.


I’m sorry for bad link. Here’s newest one and it works well:

Hi iDreDushka!

Thanks for sending along the new video. When the cursor is being dragged past a guide quickly, the dragged cursor is less likely to snap to the guides you are passing. Slowing down as your dragging cursor approaches the guide should help ensure that the snapping behavior is able to occur.

I would also recommend checking that “Snap to Guide” is toggled on! You can toggle guide snapping by navigating to “View > Rulers, Grid, and Guides > Snap to Guides” or by right-clicking on a blank space on the canvas or on the rulers.


If you are not currently using the most recent build of Axure RP 9 beta, please try updating as well. You can check for updates by navigating to “Help > Check for Updates” in the Axure RP 9 application.

I hope this helps!

Im actually turn on this option but nothing changed. Its bug, i think.

Hi iDreDushka,

Sorry about the delay getting back to you on this! Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to reproduce this issue on my end. To investigate this issue more, could you please tell me more about your system and its settings?

  1. What operating system are you using?

  2. What version of Axure RP 9 beta is in use?

  3. Are you using an external mouse, track pad, or tablet when dragging the cursor? If so, please tell me more about this device!

  4. Please send a screenshot of the sensitivity and/or tracking settings for the mouse, trackpad, or tablet in use when this occurs.

  1. Windows 10
  3. Im use external mouse logitech B100. I think what the mouse i have doesn’t matter at this case.

Second video with problem:

Another one example: menus and tables doesnt snap to guides when i transform him too

Hi iDreDushka!

Thank you so much for sending along this additional information and for sending the videos.

I wanted to let you know that I’ve been able to reproduce a similar issue when a widget has been moved to snap to a guide, and then the opposite side of the widget is resized. For example, guide snapping will work if the widget is not already snapped with a guide, as seen here:


However, if the widget has already been snapped to a guide, adjusting the other side of the widget will not allow for snapping, as seen here:


Could you please let me know if this matches the behavior that you’ve been experiencing?

Yeah, looks similar. Its the bug or im doing something wrong?

Chelsea, can you answer me – this is a bug or what?

Hi iDreDushka,

Apologies on the delay getting back to you on this! Thanks for confirming that you experienced this behavior as well. This behavior when trying to snap to a second guide is unexpected, so I’ve gone ahead and filed a bug report regarding this on your behalf!

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