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I’m developing an Axure Widget Library in a dark theme. One feature that I noticed is missing in library files is the ability to change the background color of the canvas. Because the widgets I’m developing are for a dark theme (light colors, white text), I am constantly having to draw a dark rectangle behind my elements so that I can at least see them as I’m designing. But, I don’t want this dark rectangle to be a part of my finished widget. Just an annoying slow-down.
When in a regular Axure File, I have the ability to change the background of the page. I would expect to be able to do something similar on the Axure Widget Library canvas. Are there any plans to allow users to switch the background of the canvas from light to dark for the purpose of developing dark theme libraries?


Hi Jorkin, I have Axure RP 10 set to dark mode already. I’ve attached a screenshot below. As you can see, the canvas still appears white. I need a way to set the background color of the canvas itself like you can in regular axure files.

Sorry, I don’t use dark mode much, thought the background would be darkened too.

But I have a solution that has been tested successfully, Follow me:

Set “Guide Setting…” first.

Chage “Global Guide Color” to black.You can also set not so dark. :grinning:

Create Guides

As this

it looks good

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Jorkin, thanks so much for this solution–a nice workaround. I was able to get this to work. Sadly, it make zooming really laggy, so I probably won’t be using this long term. Hopefully the Axure Team decides to add the ability to change background color on the widget library canvas.

Your solution did lead me to discover the grid settings, however, and setting those up at least allows me to see the objects on the canvas a little bit, so it won’t look like the page is blank. Thank you again.

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