Will there be a new Axure 11 release?


Do you guys have any plans for a new Axure 11 release? When will it be launched? At present, the overall concept of Axure10 has obviously lagged behind other tools. I hope that Axure11 can throw away the burden and launch a new generation of prototyping tools. If this is still the case, I will consider giving up Axure as a prototyping tool.


We’re sharing Jeter opinion. We’re starting go look other prototyping solutions if we cannot a real update from Axure.


Hi there!

Yes, we do plan to continue improving Axure RP with both smaller and larger releases. Can you be more specific about “the burden” you’re currently facing? Are there things you are trying to prototype with RP and are not able to? Or are there any specific workflows that you wish were better supported?


I’ve been working on the same set of pages at the same time with one of my colleagues across the country using Figma. The efficiency from that capability over sharing single files is enormous (yes, I know about Teams, it’s archaic).

Axure’s prototyping is pretty darn good, a big step up on Figma, but I’m tired of building everything twice. At the moment I don’t have much of an argument against that impending Figma seat purchase we’re about to make.

Auto-layouts, design tokens, simultaneous editing, and I’ll stop staring at Figma.


Figma and Axure serve different purposes. You can only compare them in the context of a specific task. Axure is more efficient in designing feature-rich concepts with complex logic and interactions. You can’t build those in Figma/Sketch/XD/InVisio. If you are considering switching, Axure may not have been the right tool for your tasks. Almost no other products on the market can do what Axure can.

I hope Axure continues building on its strengths rather than dedicating releases to the attempts to fit into the other markets.


I am proud to use Axure from version 8 until today and I believe that for version 11 the team will still produce new features for us, of course there are other software like Figma , which offers more advanced features in interface design, Axure is much more advanced interactions and prototyping, but for version 11 all I want is to be able to work simultaneously with my collaborators, that would really be a plus incredible, for example last year I worked on the prototype of a game: see the link (https://bit.ly/FormSpeed).
With my team, the collaboration was not really fluid for people who work remotely. But the prototype we made shows the power of Axure and was really appreciated by stakeholders and so I wouldn’t leave Axure for just a simultaneous collaboration feature.

Otherwise for me Axure remains the best!


A lot of Design tokens can be done using the Styles.

But yes, Auto-layouts is really a great feature that’s missing. One thing I would like to add is colorizable SVGs without the need of converting.