Workflow Builder Prototype

Hello Everyone,

I want to build a “workflow builder” prototype in which :-

  1. User can drag workflow component from Component defined section
  2. Drop to workflow editor
  3. and can able to add multiple component step by step.

Note:- In same way, as we did in axure software like we drag and widget / component and drop over the page to build prototype…

Any ideas or anyone build before… Please share your view.

What you want to do is possible but there are a few caveats:

Axure can’t generate new objects “on-the-fly” so you’ll have to create a dynamic panel for every component that can be dragged out.
For example: if your component library has 10 different types of components. You want users to be able to use “Component A” 5 times, and “Component B” 3 times, and “Component C” 8 times, etc. You will have to make 5 “Component A” dynamic panels, 3 “Component Bs”, etc., and have them stacked up in groups.

If these components need to interact with each other, your IF/THEN logic can get very long and complicated.

I’ve done something similar before, you can take a look and see if it helps: Connect two rectangles with a straight line

Yes , I can understand.
It seems to be really difficult.
I checked this option in “JustMindPrototyper” and they have “On-fly” feature.

I hope, Axure will also include more actions which will help us to build more realistic prototype.

Thanks for your comment and explanation.