Writing conditional logic using "OR" statements


New to conditional logic and wondered if it’s possible to have an IF/ELSE IF condition where a global variable might have one or more states/criteria. For example, I want to initiate an interaction via a button press where the condition would be “IF value of SA_WAS_MODE equals Standby or Live” (where the states are marked * *), so is it possible to include two states (i.e. look for value “a” OR “b”) and how would I write this using conditional logic?

More generally, can anyone recommend a good info source/tutorial for conditional logic? I’ve looked at Axure tutorials, but they don’t really teach you how to write conditions, just what it is - which isn’t much help to a newbie like me!

Thanks in advance

You may use ternary operators; for me they really have been a game-changer:
[[Item.columnName == “” && “—” || Item.columnName]]

  • Condition: Item.columnName == “”
  • If condition is TRUE: && “—”
  • If condition is FALSE: || Item.columnName
    && and || introduce the TRUE and the FALSE status, and behind each comes the respective result.

You also may encapsule such into each other, like:
[[Item.columnName == “” && “—” || Item.columnType == “1” && “right type” || Item.columnName]]

See more info here: