X-Scroll Speeds with Mouse Scroll Wheel

The scroll wheel speeds in Axure 9 on OSX are a little wonky. I need to use an external app to make them sensible without ruining the scroll speeds in other applications.

While I’m fine using my external app, perhaps the speed of scroll from scroll wheel input could be tweaked.

Hi cheics,

Hmm, could you describe the issue in a little more detail? Is the issue specific to the mouse you are using, or any mouse? When you say “wonky”, would you by any chance mean scrolling in the 9 beta is a bit more laggy/janky compared to scrolling in Axure RP 8? If so, this is a known issue we have on file where scrolling is more laggy in the 9 beta, especially when Axure RP is on a retina screen and our teams are looking into the issue. If not, could you perhaps record a short video recording the behavior you’re seeing with the scroll?

Hi, Perhaps I can explain I think that the amount moved for an individual increment of the scroll wheel is too much, here’s an example comparing Axure which moves too much vs Affinity Designer which moves a reasonable amount

I am also working on a standard definition resolution, e.g. 1920x1080

Below is what happens when I move the wheel a single step in both applications:

Hi rmcgillak,

Thanks for the screenshots! Could you let us know what mouse you are using, and what model? Could you post or send over a screenshot of your mouse settings/preferences to support@axure.com? Also, what version of Mac or Windows are you running?

Sorry I didn’t see your reply until now.

I’m on Windows 10 Pro

This happens on both mouses I use with this computer:

  1. Dell Laser Mouse
  2. Logitech MX Master 2S

Here are the settings

I am also running standard resolution (1920x1200), not HDPI