45% my workload is fighting your UI

I’ve counted my clicks when using the UI. Any time I’m using the Style or Interactions panels, 45% of my clicks is to make the UI show me more options.

Let’s say I’ve dragged a rectangle onto a page. I want to put a drop shadow on to make it look like a button, something I seem to do all the time. The process is:

Open Interactions panel, click "Add a style effect like MouseOver (1),
Click “MouseOver style”
Click “More Style Properties” (2)
Scroll down to Outer Shadow (3)
Click “Outer Shadow”
Click the fill colour (4)
Change the colour, X & Y
Click OK
Click OK in the Interactions Pane (!).

Nine interactions, out of which FOUR are wasted.

Instead it should be, go to Interactions page. It shows the list of styles you can add (plus all the other things like Tooltip, Disabled/Selected etc).

Click “MouseOver Style”
Let the list of styles be as long as the user wants. The window takes up 1/4 of the height of my monitor meaning it needs to scroll - there is no need for this.
Click “Outer Shadow” should have the properties next to it, just fill them in and the UI knows it’s selected
Click OK.


This is a trivial example but 45% of my actual work is finding things you’ve hidden for no reason I can guess.

Just FYI, I’m consulted by the procurement team around upgrades etc. I okayed going from 8 to 9 as I hadn’t had time to work with v9, and I loved v8.

If I had, I’d have told them no, and you’d have lost that Enterprise and the 50 UXers we have.

I use Axure because it does things Figma - which we also have - can’t. If you try and make it more like Figma, Sketch etc. you’re going to lose your USP and any reason for us to stay with you.

This forum account is on my personal email but get in touch and I’ll be happy to talk you through my concerns. I’ve been dealing with Justin & Joel.

Hello! Thanks for sharing this feedback about the number of clicks in the Axure RP 9 UI and how this slows down your workflow. I took a look at the same flow in the Axure RP 10 beta and it looks like the process and number of clicks is very similar currently, which wouldn’t alleviate the current pain point. While the UI for Axure RP 9 is unlikely to change at this stage, we are actively seeking feedback on Axure RP 10 if you’re interested in engaging with our product team about the UI click count issue to help improve this. I’ve reached out to our product team and they’re happy to discuss these concerns with you. They’ll be reaching out via the same email that you used to work with our sales team so you can expect that message shortly in your inbox. :slight_smile: