Axure RP 9

Want to be more involved with Axure? Join the Axure User Council! (3)

Hello Axurians! Many of you have taken the time to express your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and requests for Axure RP to us, and many have also expressed interest in being more involved with the product to help guide …

Axure RP 9.0 Beta Channel (Release Candidate) Updates (19)

Stay up to date on the latest beta channel builds of Axure RP in this thread! Please keep in mind that the downloads mentioned here are for beta builds that are still in testing. If you run into any bugs or unexpected be…

Launching Axure RP on macOS 10.15 Catalina (4)

Hi guys! As many of you know, macOS 10.15 was recently fully released. The latest builds of Axure RP 8 and Axure RP 9 have been updated to be compatible with 10.15 and should be able to launch. That said, the new OS has…

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