A even trigger to play and stop video

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Just wonder if there is anyone know how to create an interaction of play and stop a video? I just saw tutorial on embedding a video.


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Hmm, it looks like you can emulate some of this behavior using some concepts from the tutorial for embedding a video! I’ve attached a sample file below where the Getting Started with Axure RP video is embedded in the inline frame widget by default. However, clicking on the play button icon fires an “Open Link in Frame” action. That opens an embedded link in the inline frame widget for the same video, but with “?autoplay=1” added. This addition makes it so that when the link reloads, the video autoplays. Clicking on the stop button icon also fires an “Open Link in Frame” action, but reloads the embedded link without the autoplay addition, essentially ending the autoplay.

autoplay-stop-sample.rp (45.9 KB)

I hope this helps!

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Chelsea beat me to the punch! :smile: …I started with something similar and then extended it with some different methods.

YouTube Video Test.rp (132.0 KB)

If you are using the inline frame method to show your video, the player controls should appear by default via the Youtube player or HTML5 player in your browser. Clicking on the video will play and pause as well as scrub through the timeline. However, if you are trying to directly control the video via Axure widgets, that can’t be done–at least not with Inline Frames, and not with Youtube videos.

If you are trying to autoplay a video, you can do so–and this works more reliably in the Firefox browser, not so much from Chrome anymore. Here is a recent thread on this:

There are some advanced settings to allow Chrome to support autoplay from specific sites, that you can Google search for more info.

If you want to directly control the video, you can do so with an unsupported hack of “javascript injection” (so do not expect Axure Support to give you help on this.) See the MP4 video js page for a demonstration. Popular video sites like Youtube and Vimeo block this kind of thing, but it will work from a general web server or local file source. I’ve found that archive.org works well, and you can upload your own videos there.

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Tri this Axure and video files

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