Ability to Lock Canvas


I’ve seen other threads on this, but they are closed. I feel we really need something in the Preferences to lock the canvas. I have NO desire to ever go off canvas, and I’m constantly over scrolling.

Pressing the small button in the top left that centers it to 0,0 isn’t helpful as I have to basically press this every 5 seconds.

This is pretty brutal. Would be nice to have a checkbox in the Preferences to lock canvas. I’m close to my wits end here.


I totally agree. It was the first thing I Googled - locking the canvas in Axure RP 9.



Thanks for posting about this! I can definitely see how it would be useful to be able to lock the canvas from going into the negative sections of the design canvas, and I have gone ahead and submitted a feature request for this so our team may further review.

Since we are continuously trying to improve Axure RP, please write in to us at support@axure.com if you happen to come across any additional features you would like to see added to Axure RP.

Best wishes,
Axure Customer Support

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