Accessing Axure File on more than one device

I have the Axure RP 9 Pro licence but I can only access my files on my iMac at work. I have a separate MacBook that I use when working remotely. Is it possible to access my Axure files from this device and continue editing them without getting the team subscription?

I don’t work in a team so this is an unnecessary purchase for me, I do however need access to my work on more than one device. Please advise @AxureForums.

Any file syncing solution like Dropbox should work.

Or are you asking about using one license on multiple devices?

Yes exactly, one licence - multiple devices.

Hi @Lieschen ,

I found that on their pricing page:
image (scroll down to " Licensing FAQs")

Hope it will help you,

Yep, to confirm the information that PierreJ pointed out, as long as you (the assigned user of the license) are the only person using Axure RP with your license then you can use it to activate the software on multiple machines as needed; you’ll just want to avoid sharing your license with other users.

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