Adaptive Views/ How to change base and child views

Im using a mobile first approach with mobile as a “base” and desktop as a child view. I decided to change text in the mobile base version ONLY, however, by design it changes the corresponding widget text in the child view. And I can’t figure out how to “disinherit”/change the relationship between the base and child.

Anyone have suggestions on when you want to significantly change text in base but not in child views? Naturally, I prefer not to create a new page because then I will have 2 URL links…

Thank you!

Hey @brianjrosen, well, usually when you change something in the parent view, it’s reflected in the child view as well by default. Since the widgets you added are shown in all views, something you can try is to set up the condition for the page under the “Adaptive view changed” interaction. If the current adaptive view is not the parent view, you can hide widgets that should not be there. It should look like this:
I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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