Axure RP 10

Axure RP 10 Beta Channel (Release Candidate) Updates (13)

Stay up to date on the latest beta channel builds of Axure RP 10 in this thread! Please keep in mind that the downloads mentioned here are for beta builds that are still in testing. If you run into any bugs or unexpected…

Axure RP 10 - with native support for Apple silicon (Arm-based) machines is here! (2)

Hi everyone, We are happy to share that we now have an Axure RP 10 build with native support for Mac computers with Apple silicon! This means that RP 10 does not have to be translated via Rosetta 2 in order to run on th…

About the Axure RP 10 category (4)

Axure RP 10 is now live and out of beta! You can download the new version and start a trial on the download page below: As with previous versions of Axure RP, once a file is saved in version 10 it can’t be reopened in…

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