Add icons "inline" inside "set text" in a Repeater

in a Repeater widget, I’ve got 2 elements, a departure airport and an arrival airport, with text coming in from data set. I could just put a hyphen / dash between them, but what if I wanted to add an icon, like an arrow or a plane, between the two items. Any ideas? e.g.: to replace the hyphen with an icon/image:
[[Item.c_departure]] - [[Item.c_arrival]]

The best approach for inline icons is to use a graphic font, like Font Awesome or Wingdings. You can specify this dynamically using the Set Text: Rich Text option instead of default Set Text : Text option.

Inline images are difficult as you have to calculate the width of the text string. Doing this for multi-line text areas is even more difficult and unreliable. Here are some approaches to handle varying text lengths in a repeater:

Great, thank you - in a way it’s a shame you can’t drop in a link to an image URL or something, but I think Font Awesome will be robust enough for what I need :smile:

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