Adding a date from a text field into a repeater

I have a text field and a text area for notes. The text field is set to the date type. I also have a repeater and want to add the chosen date and the notes to a row in the repeater. The notes works fine and they get added to the repeater. But the date just remains blank. If I change the date field back to text then it works fine.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

It’s a known bug, unfortunately. Email support to add your voice to the calls to get it fixed.

I fake this by using a regular text field with a calendar icon that sets the text to a pre-defined date, but that’s not ideal. Okay for demos though.

Yes, this is for user testing but I guess it would be good enough if the task gives them a specific date.

I just found a widget in the Simple UI Patterns library that has a reasonable date picker. It covers 3 months and you need to swap a click interaction if you want UK formatted dates but it’s not bad.

Oh cool, thanks for the tip.