Adding a local (video)file in Axure: possible?

Hii all! I’m working on a prototype for an Escape Game here in The Netherlands! There’s one question where I just can’t find an answer to. Hopefully you guys on this forum can help me out!

In short: is it possible in Axure to add/watch a video in your prototype, without needing the Internet? I understand the option adding a video via an url, but it’s preferred not to be dependent of an internet connection. I read some stuff about using local files, tried some, but unfortunately they didn’t work out.

Hopefully you guys can help me out! That would be awesome! If there are any questions from your side, let me know!

You can if you add an iframe and put the path to the video on your hard drive. The one caveat is that for it to work you also have to be running the the HTML from your drive directly, can’t be preview or AxShare. Generate your prototype and open the files from your drive in a browser.

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Ah, thanks for the answer! Makes it a bit more clear. I’ll give it a shot!

One question: to run an HTML-file from my drive, doesn’t that mean I still have to be connected to the internet? Since it’s in HTML… I’ll give it a try anyway! Thanks!

Nope, since the files are all on your local hard drive there’s nothing to get from the internet.

Ok, thanks! So, one last question: you’re saying it can’t be preview or AxShare to run it on. That means I can’t run it on an external device (the prototype has to be runned on an external tablet).

In that case I have to use another prototype tool then Axure. That’s a pity! Do you have any recommendations in my case?

You could run it on a tablet, but it’s a bit of a process. You’d have to move all the prototype files and the video on to it and find an app that will run the webpage off the tablet’s storage. Most default tablet browsers won’t do this.

The reason you can’t use preview is because Axure actually serves it locally over HTTP and browsers won’t run files off your hard drive from pages served over HTTP (which are normally coming from the internet). This is a security feature and is good.

And you can’t do it over AxShare because you’re doing this offline, your video would need to be online somewhere.

Thanks! Sounds awesome.

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