How to add a local video file to Axure

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I need to add a local video file to Axure to a prototype to work it offline. I’ve read the other thread, but don’t understand how to work it out.

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The easiest way to do this is to generate the HTML for your prototype (with a placeholder Inline Frame widget for your video.) Then copy the video file into the same folder as your HTML. Back in the Axure editor, set the “Frame Target” for the Inline Frame widget to that local file (the “local file URL” will simply be the filename of the video.) Load the HTML (start.html) in a web browser to test out your video. You can then zip up the entire HTML folder to distribute your offline prototype with video included.

Take a look at the Video with Inline Frame page in the file attached to this post for an explanation and demo of using a local video file:

P.S: The demo in that file uses examples with a separate “Videos” folder, so the “relative URL path” looks a little different. So, if the video file is in the same folder as your “page files” (start.html, home.html, page1.html, etc.) then your target would be the video filename (e.g., “myvideo.mp4”). If it is in a subfolder named “Videos” then your target would be “Videos/myvideo.mp4”. If it is one folder level above the HTML then your target would be “…/myvideo.mp4” or "…/Videos/myvideo.mp4.


TThis was super helpful thanks!!!

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