Adding row above or below selected row

Hi guys,

I’m new to AXURE and trying to realize a prototype with some kind of interaction, but couldn’t find any result or could not really understand how I can fix it.

-> I’m clicking on a row and the row is marked, after that I want to click on a AddRowAbove - Button for adding a new row above the marked row. And if the AddRowBelow-Button is clicked, it should add a new row below the marked row.

I could just add a new row on top or at the bottom of the table but not otherwise.

Could anyone pls help me to solve this or any hint?

Thank you.


not sure what your project looks like, but is it possible to add a hidden column with numbers, so every time after you add a new row, you do a sorting too.

Here is my example of clicking the button to insert a row. So when you mark the row, you basically can calculate the middle number of this row & its above / below row, so after a sorting will have that “insert” feeling.


Hey Steve,

yea that is what I’m trying to do but could not approach it.
Can you share ur syntax with me?



please kindly note that I’ve only implemented “Add below”, and also every time before clicking “Add below” button, you need to click on the row first, otherwise the button is kept disabled

InsertRow.rp (49.5 KB)

thanks Steven, I’m trying to understand the syntax and how to apply it within my prototype.
Really appreciate your help!

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