All states view dynamic panels problems with focus of buttons

I am having issues with opening the all states view of the dynamic panels. Sometimes it works just fine, other times the interaction icons get hidden as soon as the cursor approaches them, This is driving me nuts. Please resolve the issue and/or let me know, if there is another way to open the view. Thanks!

Hi @maribobe,

Thank you for your feedback. I’m happy to inform you that our team is actively exploring ways to improve working with dynamic panels in RP 10, including navigating to the All States View. We plan to release some improvements in an upcoming release that will address the issue you are experiencing.

You can keep an eye on this forum thread for news on the latest RP 10 releases, or make sure you have automatic updates turned on (via Help > Check for Updates).

As for other ways to enter into the All States view, there is one other option available today: With a dynamic panel selected on the canvas, right-click on the panel and select Manage Panel States. You can also right-click the panel in the Outline pane.