And the custom colour libraries? - for AXURE TEAM


This is a question to the Axure team, where is the color library? before I was able to create my personal library, I could name it and use it for a project, now I only have the Favourites, that does not meet the needs for lots of us, I think.

Did I miss something? maybe I don’t know where it is or where to find it?


Hi ccgraphicdesigner,

Hmm, are you referring to the ability to create/share team project widget libraries? If so, the 9 beta currently does not support the Team Projects feature, which includes team project RPLIBPRJ files. This will be available when Axure RP 9 is officially released and out of beta, but for now, you’ll want to export the team project to a standalone RPLIB file (“File > Export Team Project to File”), if you wanted to utilize the widget library.

Lmk if I misunderstood, though!

Not exactly, I attach a couple of screenshots so that probably is clearer.
What I mean is that in Axure RP8 I am able to create my personal COLOUR library / ies. And I can create and rename them quickly.
In axure 9 I only have the Favourites, I cannot rename this set of colours, I cannot have multiple sets etc…


Hi ccgraphicdesigner,

Ah! Got it. Thanks very much for the screenshot - that really helped to clarify. You’re right that the feature you’re looking for/used in Axure RP 8 is gone in the 9 beta, but I’ll let our designated teams know that you would like this added back. :slight_smile:

I was looking for that as well.
Is there a list of features removed from Axure 9?

This is a pity, in the “design” / “UI” era, having custom palette is essential I think. Also, I use Axure not only as a prototyping tool but as a real UI tool, and I think I am not the only one doing it… This is why I think Axure should look more at the competitors and add the features they have, but indeed in a better way, as usually axure does.


Hi guys!

There isn’t a list of features removed from Axure RP 9, and our teams are continuing to evaluate how the changes are being received during the beta period. However, I’ll be sure to let them know that users are missing the ability to add their own custom color palette.

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I would like to also support adding this feature back in. I am working on a new project and created the widget library, but am have to find a work around with styles to attempt to keep the colors in order and it is less than ideal. I would love to have the color management independent of a specific style…more of a parent of all the styles and have it cascade down.


I was also looking for the same feature


I’m hoping that your development team can add the custom color palette soon. I think it’s essential for any designer to have the ability to have the company color palette easy to see and use.


When will this function finally be back? We really need them urgently.

It takes an incredible amount of time to keep the right color values ​​stable in a team.
A design tool just has to have this feature!

When does it come back?


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