Annoying "Libraries" interface

Hello, when I look up the elements in the “Libraries” pane, a little “?” is visible on hover of each element to explain how to use them. It’s very useful.
Two things that really bother me, and without the shadow of a doubt, do other beginners like me :
One, the "?"s are very small, it’s difficult to click them directly. And two, the elements on the far right (where there’s a scroll bar that overlaps to scroll all the elements) have the "?"s 90% hidden by said scroll bar, making it difficult to click them (axure thinks I’m scrolling instead of clicking the “?”), it requires me to resize the pane first to get the element in the middle rows, click the “?” and resize back to the original size.

Extra : on the forum, to log in, a modal window appears, when I click out of the modal (I click inside, but click out outside) the modal closes, that’s annoying too. Especially if I’m selecting a wrong address or smth, and end up with my mouse outside of the modal.