App prototype - can't scroll dynamic panel on mobile device

I’ve just ported across a prototype into Axure 9 that was working fine in 8.

Since porting it to 9, I can no longer scroll the ‘main panel’ dynamic panel that I use for the main part of the screen when I view it on my iPhone.

It works fine when I preview it in the browser on my laptop.

Scroll issue.rp (136.1 KB)

Can anyone help?

Hello! I took a look at your project and it looks like you’re running into a bug. On your “Main Panel” widget, which is set as “Fit to Content”, it looks like you have the scrollbar option set to “Scroll Vertical”; this setup causes the page to fail to scroll on iOS (but works on Android and the browser). To resolve that, you can set scrollbars on the panel to “None”.

I’ve gone ahead and filed this as a bug on our end. We’ll follow up here if there are any updates, but in the meantime please keep an eye on the Axure RP 9 beta release notes thread for updates on released fixes. Thanks!

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