Application takes time to close


Hi Everyone,

I am facing a strange problem with Axure RP 10 for the past couple of months. Whenever i open less file size RP file, the application closes immediately on exit. But, when i close a 11MB file, it took 50mts, 20mts, 15mts etc to close the application. I never experienced this slowness past 5 years of using Axure. Do anybody face the same issue? Or can somebody suggest what could be a solution? I have reinstalled the application yesterday. Still the problem exists. I cannot share the file here as it is client asset. Only observation i could present here with many testing i did is the file size is impacting the closing time of Axure RP application.

Can somebody help please? Thanks!


Hi @ensiva2023,

We apologize that you have been encountering these issues and would be happy to take a look into what may be causing Axure RP to take so long to close for some of those files. If it’s possible to share your .rp file privately, please email us at so we can investigate.