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Hello everyone,

Using Axure to use AI to prototype voice recognition, Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text

I hope I’m not posting in the wrong place, please bare with me and let me know if I need to make any adjustments.

I’m curious: has anyone tried this?

I can no longer reply on the thread but here is a link:

This is an old post but I wonder if anyone’s been doing anything since the last post on the thread 5 years ago.

It’s simply fantastic! Thanks a million for sharing this!

I don’t consider myself a developer though I’ve built and launched websites and designed mobile apps, I’ve been using Axure for about a decade now. I have been doing graphic and web design for over 25 years and… Thank you to the Axure Team.

I’ve been reading articles from Futurism and MIT to and seeing more mainstream references to developers using ChatGPT to work on code soooooo…

I got a bit sidetracked and:

I took the liberty of modifying the AI API to provide me with Speech-to-Text functionality and simplified the code in Axure so that I can change conditions and responses (using ResponsiveVoice) in a flash.

I also decided to test it on the Motorola Zebra TC52, a handheld computer used in Shipping and Receiving by giants like Home Depot and Amazon. And it worked.

On another prototype, I wanted to test localization, so that I could greet a user in the language their device is set to. I got that working too. And I wanted to see if I could capture a UPC code using the laser scanner on the TC52, and that works as well. Also tested haptics and got that working.

Thank you all so much for all the help on Axure Forum over the years.

Here is the link:


It works on Chrome (Mac/PC/Android devices). However, AI, ResponsiveVoice and haptics do not work on Apple Watch, iOS or iPadOS as of this writing. I love Apple products but… Hey Apple, what’s going on?

I’m also still working out some kinks on handheld devices (TC52) at the moment. More to come soon.


Marc Becquey

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