Auto adjust widget height base on variable

Hello :slight_smile:
Hope some can cast a light on this problem, am currently facing.
I want when one click on one screen it set a variable with value ex 5, 10 , 15, 20 and open a new screen 2 and then adjust a widget height base on that height, let’s say you click on the 10, it will but my widget (rectangle) at 30 px H and at 50 if it was 20 the value was. I have tried to make it more clear with a image of what i wanted. test

If I understand you correctly, you want to set the y-height of one shape to that of another onClick (I’ll assume the “new screen” is a different state of a dynamic panel for the moment).

Is that right?

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Hello JonB :smiley:
Thanks for your reply, and yep that is exactly the thing I wanted!
I guess i need some Javascript somewhere to change it? Or perhaps you can make it works by the function in axure?

If you make the OnClick event on the Screen 1 widget do a “Set size” action on the Screen 2 widget, then in the Height field of the “Set size” dialogue put [[This.height]] rather than a number, then that should do it I think (because “this” refers to the height of the Screen 1 widget in your diagram).

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Hi PeterHW,

Thanks for posting in the Axure Forums! You can use the “Set Size” action to directly change the size of the height of the widget. You can also add a “Set Panel State” action to change your dynamic panel state and show the newly sized widget. To help you set this up, I have attached an example of an interaction like this.

Example.rp (54.2 KB)

Please let me know if you would rather have your interaction set a variable value, and then use that variable to set the height of the widget, and I would be happy to provide an example.

I hope this helps!


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From what I understand, a variable wouldn’t be needed in this case. It’s simply a size change and a panel transition.


Thanks @Ashley_Axure and @JonB That worked as i wanted! :smiley:
Many thanks for the help and solutions, which one sould i put as a answer? - As both of your answer helped me :smiley: