Auto Suggest Checkbox / Result Formating

Hi there,

I’m hoping someone can help me with a few issues I’m having with my prototype. I’m trying to achieve three things:

  1. As a user types in characters into the search input I have a auto suggest list that is being populated however there is no parent child relationship with the list. i.e. If I select attribute A which is a parent of multiple children all children checkboxes should be selected automatically, if I unselect the parent all children can be unselected.
    X A
    X A1
    X A2


  2. Also related to creating a dynamic list of checkboxes in the auto suggest I’m hoping to indent the children to the right under each parent.

  3. When an item is selected via checkbox the text next to the checkbox should become bold. If an item is deselected the text should become unbolded.

Thanks for the help in advance. cmi.rp (95.2 KB)

This thread might help with how to set up a hierarchical list with parent-child relationships. It shows how to apply different treatment (e.g., indenting) for parent and child items.

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