Avoiding the 'faux' click for hiding widgets that are treated as lightboxes



In order to hide to widgets like (custom) pull-down menus, (custom) drop-menus, (custom) date-pickers etc. or in other words widgets that tend to float on top of others I currently tend to treat them as lightboxes which automatically hides them when they lose focus or whenever someone clicks outside of these widgets.

Treating these widgets as lightboxes comes with a downside where the click that makes them hide is not exactly considered a true click event by Axure which is why I’d like to call it a ‘faux’ click.

In a situation where one intends to type in a textfield while the widgets mentioned above are shown they basically have to do 2 clicks out of which the first one is a ‘faux’ click and the 2nd one is what focuses on the textfield.

I’m sure there is a better way to hide such widgets without treating them as lightboxes? Thoughts?

-Mani B


I found a way to get this working for you:

  1. When you show your menu don’t treat it like a lightbox. Just show it (and bring to front, if needed).
  2. Add a Lost Focus interaction to your dropdown with the condition “If cursor is not over area of This” to then hide that widget
  3. Add a Page Click or Tap interaction to the page that fires the Lost Focus event you previously created

Point 2 will hide your widget anytime another element gains focus, such as an input. Point 3 will hide your widget anytime the user clicks on the page or other non-interactive element because it skips the Lost Focus check but does check to see if the cursor is currently over it.

Edit: Wow, looks like I’m 3 years late to this party. Hopefully somebody finds value in this!

lightbox-alternative.rp (149.5 KB)


It’s never too late! Since this post is tagged under the RP9 version would really appreciate if you can post the source file that is compatible with RP9 version. Thanks!

(P.S: RP10 files are not downward compatible)


Nice solution!

Here you go
lightbox-alternative RP9.rp (50.3 KB)

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