Ax9 - Text formatting after export differ (project vs HTML)


I have a problem with text formatting in projects exported to html. In my .rp file the text has a colour (other than black) and is set to Regular typeface but after export the texts (in some places) are Bold and black only. I cant change it. I tried creating the text field and format it again but same bug appears. All web fonts are added in export menu. Formatting looks ok on mobile breakpoint only. The problem appears mostly on tablet and desktop (but sometimes on all brp).

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Pete!

I wanted to let you know that our product support team received your email regarding this issue and we have sent along some next troubleshooting steps via email.

We’ll be happy to update this topic as the issue is resolved!


Thanks. I emailed you the rp file. Do you want me to attach it here?

Thanks so much, Pete!

We were able to review the project’s behavior and isolate that some widgets with multiple font colors where displaying incorrectly when the widgets were placed in a master with master views. When text with multiple font colors, or other text styles, were placed in a master and displayed on a page with adaptive views, the custom font styling would display correctly on the “Base” view for the page and master, but the font would revert to its default styling in any child adaptive views/master views.

This issue has now been filed as a bug report and is currently being investigated by our respective teams. In the meantime, breaking away the master, so that widgets with multiple font colors are placed directly on the page and its adaptive views, seems to work around this buggy behavior.

Thank you for letting us know about this issue!

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