AxShare Interactive Redline Plugin


So I’m not sure how other companies use this functionality but I can shed some light on our company.

We are moving to a single deliverable via axure that our on/off shore developers can work from. So for us, our developers would use the “redline” version while business would use the “business” version.

The “business” version would also be used to do things such as usability testing with our users which is why we don’t need to show redlines, annotations, etc within the business link.

However for the redline version, it would be helpful to keep all of the information for an element/object within the black panel of the redline tool. This would help support our offshore developers who work odd hours by providing all the information that they need about an object/element in one place and within context of the other available information.

I could see how the information within the black panel would start to get very long- perhaps adding an expand/collapse within the black panel for the notes would be a good way to approach it.

Please see below:


Hi, @srm985.

I just want to thank you for sharing such a great tool with us. It is really useful.



Agreed, this is a great tool and very helpful. :slight_smile:


I certainly appreciate all of the praise! I’m very open to feedback and improvement opportunities as well. I’d really like to make your lives as easy as possible.


Hi @srm985, any ideas on the notes? Have you thought about a tabbed structure where you separate out “styling”, “content”, and “functionality”… Perhaps, having two different versions available for users. Thanks!


Pardon the slow reply. No, I have not yet progressed on this request. One aspect I’m struggling decide about is how to handle capturing of the notes. For example, let’s say that a parent element has a not placed on it. However, the parent element also has a child and grandchild. The child also has a note on it. Now, if I click on the grandchild, what is the expected behavior? My intuition says to only display any notes on the direct element clicked, and on the highest parent of the element. How does that sound? And what about the grandchild? What if it has children who also have notes? Should we display those?

Pertaining to the tabbed structure - I am hesitant to implement this as there is already a tabbed structure used to display styling for various states of the element. Perhaps I need to take over the left side of AxShare as well and display notes there? I’m not sure yet.


For those of you using RP9, the tool should now be supporting the new product. If you find any issues, please let me know!


Thank you for the information


We’ve just started using the redline plugin and we are very impressed! Coming to the Axure 9 beta from Sketch and InVision, this is exactly what we were looking for. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Is there an option to completely hide your plugin’s UI when a page is first loaded? One of the main use cases behind this request is for running usability tests. While our front-end developers absolutely love the utility of an interactive redline inspector, end users participating in a usability test will find the controls distracting and confusing. If there could be an option to toggle your tool by adding a variable to the page’s URL, that would be great. I’m imaging something similar to how Axure allows you to show or hide their AxShare UI by appending “&c=1” to the end of the URL.

Would this be a possibility? Or, are there are any other workarounds available to toggle whether the redline tool is visible or not on a given page? Thank you!


@iguy thanks for all the kind words! In the plugin header there are two links - developer and business. Simply share the business link. With the business link the tool is completely disabled. If you have any feedback on how to make those links more intuitive, I’d love to hear any improvement opportunities.


Thank you so much, srm985! This precisely addresses the challenge I was experiencing. To improve the discoverability of this feature, perhaps the tool could display informational tooltips about the business and dev links on mouse over. The image below illustrates how this idea might look.


This is AWESOME!
Thank you for putting in the time and effort to create such a useful extension to the power of Axure AND for sharing it with the rest of us!


Thanks for all the support! I’m currently working on V3 which won’t initially have a lot of new features, but it will make coding much easier so that I can expand the tool further to offer additional features. In the interim, I’m always happy to review any feature requests.